Arka Gdynia  SSA
Club name: Arka Gdynia
Foundation: 1929

City: Gdynia
Colours: Yellow and blue
New Stadion GOSiR Gdynia capacity 15,139


A bit of history:

Football in Gdynia was born in 1929 when Klub Sportowy Gdynia was founded by the workers of Gdynia’s seaport. The club named Arka was separated from KS Kolejarz Gdynia in 1952. RKS Arka was promoted to Polish 2nd division in 1960. The fusion of Gdynia’s clubs caused that Arka changed name to MZKS Arka Gdynia in 1964.

The 70s were the greatest age in Arka’s history. The club was promoted first time to Polish 1st division in 1974. The Yellow-Blues won the Polish Cup (Puchar Polski) in 1979 and played in the European Cup Winners’ Cup next season. Then they played against Bulgarian PFC Beroe Stara Zagora (3-2 and 0-2).

In 1981 Arka changed name to Harmon-Tomas-Maraton Arka Gdynia till 1998, when changed name to MGKS Arka Gdynia.

Arka became a sport joint  company and changed name to Prokom Arka Gdynia SSA in 2000. Currently the club was renamed to Polnord Arka Gdynia SSA, just because they have a new sponsor


Club crests


Rybacki-Klub-Sportowy     RKS Arka  - From 1950 ? to 1964


Morski Zwiazkowy Klub Sportowy Arka Gdynia From 1972 to 1992


Harmon-Tomas-Maraton  HTM Arka Gdynia - From 1992 ? to 1998


MGKS Arka Gdynia SSA - From 1998 to 2000


Prokom Arka Gdynia SSA - From 2000 to 2008


Polnord Arka Gdynia SSA - Since 2008

Arka Gdynia SSA   - Since February 2009